URL: https://api.hel.fi/respa/v1/

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An API for making resource reservations, such as booking a practice room or a meeting space.

API location: https://api.hel.fi/respa/v1/

Reservation booking system or Respa is a prototype service that aims to provide citizens with easier access to public spaces and other public resources. Respa works as a booking application that enables users to find and reserve public resources the city has to offer which can include everything from meeting rooms to 3D-printers. The first pilot of the service is done jointly between two city departments and will include reservation possibilities for different public spaces and workstations.

The Respa API is the first prototype of a citywide reservation booking system backend, allowing for easy searching and filtering of resources based on resource type, purpose, location and availability. To make and change reservations, OAuth2 authentication is provided for both city employees and citizens who wish to reserve a room through a frontend application.

Source: Espoon kaupungin resurssienvarausrajapinta

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