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URL: https://iot.fvh.fi/opendata/sporametri/

From the dataset abstract

Air quality measurements which are collected using devices installed on trams from Helsinki. Three sensor sets have been moving on the streets of Helsinki, while one has been constantly at Helsinki Environmental Services (HSY) measuring station located at Mäkelänkatu.

Measurements have been collected using Aeromon BH-12 measurement devices. The sampling rate of measurements is about one second. Sensor set id and location are included in the measurements. Data has been divided in files using the creation month and the knowledge whether the sensor sets have been moving or being at HSY supersite.

  • sporametri-movingsites-dataXX19.csv.gz consists of data collected with moving sensor sets in certain month in 2019
  • sporametri-supersite-dataXX19.csv.gz consists of data collected with sensor set located at HSY supersite in certain month in 2019

More information about the differences in datasets:

See this blog text for data measuring methods: https://hri.fi/en_gb/sporametri-urban-air-quality-monitoring-with-moving-sensors/

Source: Helsingin ilmanlaadun mittaukset raitiovaunuihin asennetuilla mittalaitteilla

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