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2012-2014 data (by year)

Note this when you use the Excel file concerning years 2012-2014:

  • The data f the City of Helsinki Public Works Department (HKR), the City of Helsinki Transport Department (HKL) and the Helsinki City Construction Services (Stara) have been maintained on different systems than others, so their data can be found in their own tabs. For HKR and HKL, supplier numbers (ToimittajaNro) differ from those of other agencies and business institutions in the city, so the vendor's business ID (Y-tunnus) should be used for comparison and combination.
  • In addition, the accounts of HKR and HKL and their numbering (TilNro and Tili) differ from the numbering of other agencies and business institutions in the city. The HKR and HKL tables include an additional column (Column R) with the account number according to the City Chart of Accounts; this information can be used to combine HKR and HKL account information with information from other agencies and business institutions in the city.
  • The data has been extracted from procurement processing systems from accounts for purchases of services and supplies, including investments/fixed asset purchases. The data is extracted from the source system at the invoice line level, then summed (€) to the agency, vendor and account levels.
  • Classification information has been added to the data to facilitate the parsing of the data. Vendors are classified as internal and external suppliers of the city. The data also includes the suppliers Identification IDs (Y-tunnus). Accounts are classified at the main level (Tiliryhmä1) into customer service purchases, purchases of other services, purchases of materials, supplies and goods, and purchases of fixed assets.


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