Helsinki: Housing

This dataset provides statistics on housing in Statistical Yearbook of Helsinki.


  • Dwellings by year of construction
  • Dwellings by type of building
  • Dwellings by tenure status
  • Dwellings by number of rooms
  • Housing standard by number of rooms
  • Indicators of level of housing
  • Floor area per person in dwelling households of various sizes
  • Dwelling stock and dwelling density by district and sub-district
  • Characteristics of the dwelling stock by district and sub-district
  • Dwelling households by number of person and number of rooms
  • Distribution of dwellings owned by City of Helsinki
  • Average rent of rented dwellings
  • Helsinki City’s ARA rented dwellings
  • Prices paid for old dwellings sold in various postal districts in Helsinki
  • Prices of second hand dwellings in housing companies by type of dwelling
  • Price index of dwellings
  • Completed dwellings by type of building
  • Completed dwellings by type of dwelling
  • Completed dwellings and extensions by major district and district


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