Helsinki: Social welfare

This dataset provides statistics on social welfare in Statistical Yearbook of Helsinki.


  • Child welfare
  • Family councelling clinics
  • Domestic care for families with children
  • Child maintenance and custody
  • Benefits for families with children
  • Services and economic support for the disabled people and transport services under Social Welfare Act
  • Welfare for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Benefits for disabled people
  • Care and services for substance abusers
  • Social assistance
  • Social assistance
  • Households recieving general housing allowance
  • Recipients of housing allowance for pensioners
  • Housing subsidies: Helsinki and the whole of Finland
  • Assisted accomodation services
  • Support for informal care
  • Activities at service and recreation centres for the elderly, and daytime activities
  • Institutional care and housing services for older people
  • Recipients of pensions in Helsinki
  • Pensioners in the Helsinki Region, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Finland


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