Vantaan kaupungin tilastollinen vuosikirja


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The statistical yearbook of the City of Vantaa has been published since Vantaa became a city 1974. The yearbook is a compilation work that aims to describe Vantaa and its residents as comprehensively as possible with statistics. The publication is entirely bilingual, and there is a reference at the end of each statistical table.

The yearbook contains statistics on the following topics: area and environment, population, demographic changes, housing and construction, livelihoods and labour market, economic conditions, healthcare and social welfare, education, culture and leisure, streets, energy and water supply, municipal finances and municipal personnel, transport, public security and elections.

Yearbooks for different years are in separate Excel spreadsheet packages, except for the years 2012–2015, which are in the same package. Individual tables for different years have had to be updated after the publication, and some tables may be completely missing (for example, the tables in Chapter 9 are missing from the yearbook of 2018).

This dataset is no longer updated.

Source: Vantaan kaupungin tilastollinen vuosikirja


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