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A soil investigation is an analysis of the properties of the soil in the construction area. The investigation results will be used to draw up a foundation plan or a statement on the type of foundation.

Depending on the soil and future structures, the soil investigation usually includes drilling, sampling, test pits and groundwater level observation. The most common types of tests include weight sounding, cone and ram penetration tests, vane shear tests, wing drilling and motorised dynamic sounding.

The number of soil investigations required depends on how demanding and large the site is. Even at the construction sites of detached houses, tests should be carried out at least at the corners of the future building. Before conducting the investigation, we recommend that you ask the City of Vantaa’s customer service about existing soil investigation data.

The City of Vantaa only conducts new investigations for its own construction sites. The City’s Geotechnical Services unit is not involved in the planning of private projects or their soil investigations.

Image of the explanations of the map symbols for the boreholes. The list includes vibratory drilling, pressure drilling, reflector drilling, clamp reflector drilling, wing drilling, borehole drilling, rock sampling.

Image of the explanations of the map symbols used in other studies. Listed are soil samples sampling categories A-B, soil samples sampling categories C-E, test pit.

Image of the explanations of the map symbols for groundwater pipes. The list includes Shallow water monitoring well, monitored, Shallow water monitoring well, monitoring completed, Ground water monitoring well, monitored, Ground water monitoring well, monitoring completed, Rock water monitoring well, monitored, Rock water monitoring well, monitoring completed.

The material can be viewed on the city of Vantaa map service:

Coordinate systems:

  • Maintained in ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879)

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  • gis:geo_pohjatutkimukset

Source: Vantaan pohjatutkimukset


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