Espoon kaupungin ostot

2019, part 2

From the dataset abstract

The dataset includes the purchases of services, materials, supplies and goods by the City of Espoo, as well as rents and other expenses paid, since 2012. The dataset includes the purchase invoice information of the City of Espoo’s units, cost centres, municipal enterprises and funds. The data has been extracted from the city’s accounting system at the invoice line level, and the data has been supplemented with, for example, the names of organisations and account groups.

The dataset includes the following columns: city (standard), named unit and cost centre, posting date, invoice number, account group, account number, account name, supplier’s name, supplier’s business ID, invoice total in euros and any order number. The amounts are usually presented without value added tax. The dataset does not include purchases from private individuals or sole proprietors or grants paid to private individuals or other data covered by personal data protection.

The data has been placed in categories to facilitate the use of the dataset. Accounts are classified by account group as follows: purchases of services; materials, supplies and goods; rents; other expenses; capitalised expenses and purchases of fixed assets. The classifications can be used to view purchases in the data, for example, by supplier and on the account level.

The Tulosyksikkö column contains the city’s unit data or division data for the investments of the city itself (e.g. 911 Yleishallinto [General administration] and 941 Liikenneväylät [Transport routes]).

The dataset is updated annually after the financial statements have been prepared.

The dataset for 2016 was prepared in accordance with the national data opening instructions for purchase invoices (in Finnish).

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