Helsingin kaupungin ostot

Monthly data 2012- (month per file)

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Procurements by the City of Helsinki (services, materials and supplies, acquisitions of fixed assets) from 2012 onwards.

The data is updated monthly in CSV files. Starting from 03/2017, the data of Stara and HKR is included in the CSV file. Helsinki City Transport’s data is currently missing from the data because they have a separate system in place.

Data has also been published in the form of files covering several years:

  • The CSV aggregate file containing data from 6/2017 onwards shows data for each month. The data has been summed at the division/municipal enterprise, supplier and account level. The previous month’s data is automatically updated in the downloaded file in the middle of the following month. The punctuation of the file is semicolon. Download dataset named helsingin-ostot-all-from-2017.csv here.
  • The data for the years 2012–2019 has been published as a CSV file showing data for each month. The punctuation of the file is comma. Download dataset named helsingin-ostot-all.csv here.
  • The data concerning the years 2012–2014 has been published as an Excel file showing data for each year. The contents of the file differ from the newer data, and the matters to be taken into account are described in more detail here. Download the dataset by clicking this.

On 1 June 2017, related with the organisational reform of the City of Helsinki, departments became divisions, so the Hallintokunnat column contains both organisations that are in line with the previous organisational structure and those that are in line with the current one.

The data enables the review of procurements (purchases) of the city’s departments and divisions at the supplier and account levels. By filtering the data, you can compare the realisation of purchases based on different data.

Note! Download links below might not work correctly with Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers due to the functionality of the data server. If the direct links do not work, you can download the data with the instructions above from http://openspending.hel.ninja/files/ostot/.

Source: Helsingin kaupungin ostot


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