Helsingin seudun asemanseutubufferit


From the dataset abstract

The accessibility zones of the Helsinki region's train and metro stations indicate the distance between the stations as the crow flies and a network of light traffic.

The circle buffers tell the distance of the station along the crow flies, forming a clear and uniform way to view the station area. Zones reflecting the distance from the bird's path do not take into account the existing road network or the barrier effects formed by the environment. The circle buffers 1000 m in the station areas have been formed from the centre of the Helsinki region train and metro stations within a radius of 1000 m along the bird's way. Overlapping demarcations are combined. As a rule, the centre is located in the middle of the platform area, taking into account the access routes to the platform area. Separate open data has been formed from the central dataset. The circle buffer data and the centre points of the circle buffers have been updated in autumn 2021.

In network buffers, the road network and environmental barriers have been taken into account. The zones are formed along the light traffic route system, which allows for more accurate spatial data analyses. Network buffers are available for different metrics. The network buffers are from 2015.


  • asemanseudut_1000m
  • asemat_pisteina
  • verkostobufferi_800m
  • verkostobufferi_600m
  • verkostobufferi_400m
  • verkostobufferi_200m
  • verkostobufferi_2000m
  • verkostobufferi_1800m
  • verkostobufferi_1600m
  • verkostobufferi_1400m
  • verkostobufferi_1200m
  • verkostobufferi_1000m

The materials can be viewed and downloaded in HSY’s open map service:

Circular buffers 1000 m and central points, Network buffers

Source: Helsingin seudun asemanseutubufferit



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