Korkeasaaren kävijämäärät


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The data includes the daily number of visitors to Korkeasaari Zoo since the beginning of 2010.

The data contains a breakdown of tickets for adults and children, family tickets, free visits and visits with the Helsinki Card (HK) and the annual card (VK). Visitors are also grouped by incoming direction (Mustikkamaa/Market Square/Hakaniemi). In addition, campaign visits have been counted separately.

Campaign visits refer to specially priced visits in accordance with agreements with partners.

The data also includes comparative data for each year and graphs of the number of visits in that year, comparison with the previous year, comparison by incoming direction, ratio of paid visits to free visits, total number of visits per day and monthly comparisons.

The data is updated once a day at 22:00.

Detailed descriptions of the data can be found in the Ohje tab of each Excel file.

The data also includes the annual number of visitors to Korkeasaari Zoo since 1955. The table shows the breakdown of visitor numbers by incoming direction: Mustikkamaa/Market Square/Hakaniemi. The graphics compares the numbers of visitors coming by water traffic and by bridge. The historical material is updated annually.

Considerations for the interpretation of the material:

  1. The first bridge to Korkeasaari was completed in 1974. Prior to that, visitors came to the island only on the Korkeasaari ferry or water buses.
  2. Persons aged under 7 were not included in the statistics until 1990.
  3. The sale of paper tickets was abolished in 1999, when the point-of-sale system was introduced, which made the statistics more reliable.

Source: Korkeasaaren kävijämäärät


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