Buildings in the Helsinki metropolitan area

Buildings in the Helsinki metropolitan area has been published on the basis of data from the regional basic register maintained by HSY for the municipalities Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. For Espoo, the regional geometries have been extracted from the open interface of the city of Espoo. The data has been limited to the publication of narrower data on houses of one and two dwellings, leisure housing, economic buildings and sauna buildings than other buildings (e.g., gross floor area information is not published). Population protections have been omitted entirely from publication. Owner information is not published in the open for privacy reasons. The data updates every two weeks.

A building is a separate building built in a fixed or permanent location, with its own entrance containing covered space for housing or other uses, restricted from the outer space of the wall or other buildings. Light construction canopies are not listed as buildings. Only finished buildings for which a migration review has been carried out have been picked up in the open building dataset. Data includes information on the location, year of construction, purpose and surface areas, as well as building material.

It should be noted that with buildings completed before the 1980s where no extension or modification work requiring a building permit has subsequently been carried out, much of the data is based on owner and builder surveys. Due to this, there may be errors and inaccuracies in the data. For Helsinki, this applies to the date before 1981 and to Espoo before 1984. However, certain data for office, commercial and residential apartment buildings in Helsinki (including gross area) have been revised in 1987-89 to a minimum reliable level for statistical use.

Layer in HSY's open interfaces: pks_rakennukset_paivittyva


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