Pääkaupunkiseudun rakennusmaavaranto (SeutuRAMAVA)

2016 (kml)

From the dataset abstract

SeutuRAMAVA contains data on lot reserve based on the reserve of legally valid city plans in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The data has been calculated for the data by district and statistical area.

NB: The latest SeutuRAMAVA data are available from 2017 onwards on a block-level basis in the material Lot reserve in the Helsinki metropolitan area by block (SeutuRAMAVA)

The statistical areas for each year are based on the statistical area division of the regional map for that year. The data on lot reserve is based on calculation rules agreed with municipalities (2011). Lot reserve data older than this has been recalculated using these new rules. Kauniainen was first included in the calculation in 2010. Data for Helsinki is missing for 2001. For missing data, statistical area boundaries are included and the data is described as missing.

Content of the dataset

Information on the different variables is presented in the columns of the attribute data table. The variables in the columns include:

  • Municipality code (KUNTA)
  • District number (KAUPOSANRO)
  • District name (NIMI)
  • Number of buildings in the city plan area (RAKLKM)
  • Number of planning units (YKSIKKÖLKM)
  • Data about the amount of building rights (m²) (RAKEOIKEUS)
  • Floor area in use (m²) (KARA)
  • Amount of floor area under construction (m²) (RAKERA)
  • Calculated lot reserve (m²) (VARA)
  • Year of completion of the oldest building in the district in the city plan area (VANHINRAKE)
  • Year of completion of the newest building in the district in the city plan area (UUSINRAKE)
  • Main owner of properties at district level (OMALAJI)

Source: The data is based on the regional basic register. The district boundaries are part of the regional map compiled by Helsinki’s city survey services and are available from HRI (Metropolitan area in districts).


Areas with fewer than five plan units or buildings have been deleted from the information product for privacy reasons.

Coordinate system: ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879)

Accuracy: The data has been summed up at the district level from plan unit level data.

WFS interface: https://kartta.hsy.fi/geoserver/wfs


  • SeutuRAMAVA_kosa20151231
  • SeutuRAMAVA_kosa20161230
  • SeutuRAMAVA_tila_2014_fme
  • SeutuRAMAVA_tila_2014_fme_char
  • SeutuRAMAVA_tila_2014_qgis_char
  • SeutuRAMAVA_tila_20151231
  • SeutuRAMAVA_tila_20161230

Source: Pääkaupunkiseudun rakennusmaavaranto (SeutuRAMAVA)


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