Sairaanhoitokorvausten saajat ja maksetut korvaukset


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This dataset is associated with the dynamic report titled Reimbursements of medical expenses: Number of recipients and reimbursements paid out, which is part of the Kelasto statistical database. Monthly data are available since 2018 and annual data since 1986.

Permanent residents of Finland are covered under the Finnish National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme and are eligible for reimbursement of medical expenses under the Health Insurance Act. The statistics are used in monitoring trends in prescription drug expenditures and in describing the use of outpatient medical services.

Until 31 December 2022, reimbursements were available for the expenses incurred from reimbursable prescription drugs, outpatient medical services and medically necessary transportation.

Since 1 January 2023, reimbursements are available for the following medical care expenses:

• reimbursable prescription drugs

• visits to private doctors

• the services of private dentists

• the services of dental hygienists

• examinations and treatments provided in the private sector which are needed for mental health and oral health and ordered by a psychiatrist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon or dentist

• procedures performed in the private sector by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon

• for front veterans, clinical prosthetic procedures performed in the private sector by a specialist dental technician as well as technical work

• procedures performed by a psychiatrist or doctor in the private sector that are part of the treatment of mental health disorders

• examinations performed in the private sector by a psychologist

• psychotherapy provided in the private sector by a doctor or psychiatrist

• the cost of travel to a private-sector treatment provider for the purpose of receiving treatment that is reimbursable by Kela

• trips to a treatment provider made using a voucher issued by the wellbeing services county

• until 30 June 2023, COVID-19 tests and vaccinations

The dataset contains information on the number of persons who have received reimbursements of medical expenses, the amounts in euro of reimbursed medical care expenses and of the reimbursements paid for them, the number of visits to a doctor or a dental practitioner, and the number of examinations, treatments and trips.

The number of visits to the doctor also includes the number of medical statements and renewals of prescriptions. As regards examinations and treatments the examinations and treatments prescribed by the doctor at the same time are considered as one deductible. A prescription for physical therapy is considered as one deductible.

The dataset also contains information on the number of dispensed prescriptions. A medicine dispensation means one batch of a single medicinal product dispensed by a pharmacy in a single instance. Prescriptions covering a period of a year or two years are recorded in the statistics as several dispensations because the maximum amount of medication that can be reimbursed at a time under the National Health Insurance is an amount needed for three months’ use.

The dataset only covers dispensations of medicine reimbursed at the pharmacy or reimbursed after the fact on the basis of a claim. It does not cover dispensations that counted towards the calendar-year initial deductible.

The regional data are based on the municipality of permanent residence at the end of the reference period (or date of death for persons who died during the reference period). The regional classification is based on the situation at the end of the reference period. Municipalities that were dissolved prior to 2014 are shown in the dataset under an identifying number.

Source: Sairaanhoitokorvausten saajat ja maksetut korvaukset



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