Uusimaa region’s data and projection of jobs 1980-2035

The data includes the number of jobs by municipality/region and industry sector between 1980 and 2017 and projection of the number of job developments in the same regions in 2018-2035. The data contains 14 municipalities in the Helsinki region by municipality, the rest of Uusimaa and the Riihimäki region. Three tabs have different projections: basic (perus), fast (nopea) and slow (hidas).

The time series dataset has been formed as a database for a projection model to calculate estimates of future job numbers. The time series material has been formed from Statistics Finland's working statistics since 1987. Data for 1980 is based on that year's census and the 1985 data on population and housing census. The years between 1980, 1985, 1987 have been estimated by interpolation (assuming a steady change each year). At the time of the commission, the year following the latest year in employment statistics has been assessed using the change data from the Labour force survey. The effects of changes to industry classifications have been corrected by correction coefficients, which have enabled the data before 2008 to be equivalent to TOL-2008. Due to industry modifications and corrections, the time series does not represent an official statistic.

The time series data is from 1980 to 2017 (2017 preliminary estimate), projections for 2018-2035. The calculation and timesheet update has been made 12/2018.

Report on the projection model is available from HSY if necessary. Data generated infographic can be found on HSY's website.


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