Vantaan kaupungin uimahallien kävijämäärät

Kävijätilasto 2017

From the dataset abstract

The numbers of visitors to the five swimming halls owned by the City of Vantaa (Hakunila, Korso, Martinlaakso, Myyrmäki and Tikkurila) by month. Visitors are recorded by different user groups. The user groups vary to a certain extent due to the different levels of equipment and the different activities organised in the swimming halls.

The Excel file contains the monthly numbers of visitors to the swimming pools for one year. The information for each swimming hall is on a separate tab. The order of the columns may be different for different swimming halls. The longer times that the swimming halls are closed are marked separately for each swimming hall.

Source: Vantaan kaupungin uimahallien kävijämäärät


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