Control points in Vantaa

Vantaa's control points on a map.

The material can be viewed on the city of Vantaa map service:

API address:



  • gis:kiinteistokartta


  • gis:kiinteistokartta

gis:kiinteistokartta: attributes, data types and translation:

  • id (int): ID of the point
  • pistenumero (int):
  • tyyppi (string): Type
  • olemassaolo (string): Status, if still there or dissapeared etc.
  • alusta (string): Platform, on which the point was recorded
  • rakenne (string): Structure or object, on which the point was recorded, such as a metal pipe inside stone or bolt in a solid rock
  • nakyvyys (string): Visibility of the structure or object
  • x (double): X-coordinate
  • y (double): Y-coordinate
  • korkeus (int): Height
  • korkeus_maanpinnasta (string): Height above ground
  • koordinaattijarjestelma (string): Coordinate system
  • korkeusjarjestelma (string): Height system
  • tasoluokka (string):
  • korkeusluokka (string):
  • tasotarkkuus (int): Accuracy of the area
  • korkeustarkkuus (int): Accuracy of the height
  • alkuperakoodi (int):
  • lajitunnus (int):
  • tunnus1 (int): ID 1
  • tunnus2 (int): ID 2
  • luonti_pvm (date): Date of creation
  • muokkaus_pvm (date): Date of modification


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