Relative surface area of water bodies in the Oulu region

The data is a raster layer, in which the attribute information indicates the relative water area within a certain-sized area around each pixel. There are separate raster layers for different-sized areas that are 300 m, 500 m, 1000 m, 1500 m, 2000 m and 5000 m in radius. A value 0 indicates that there are no water areas at all, while a value 1 indicates that the water areas cover 100% of the calculation area. The data is derived from the Finnish National Land Survey's 10-meter resolution SLICES land use dataset. Water areas in the dataset encompass marine areas, rivers, and lakes. The data has been generalized to 100 m resolution. The data is produced as part of the HERCULES consortium/project funded by the Academy of Finland’s Climate Change and Health (CLIHE) research program implemented during the years 2020-2023.


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