Biographysampo - Finnish Biographies in the Semantic Web

The over 13 100 central Finnish biographies maintained by the Finnish Literature Society (SKS), as well as similar international collections, have only been available online in a human-readable text format, not as semantic data that computers can "understand". However, biographies as semantic data would be an important asset in creating intelligent computer programs and in data analysis in digital humanities.

The Biographysampo is an intelligent web service consisting of various application views for the use of both citizens and researchers. It is a linked data service based on Finnish biographies and 16 other enriching sources. The Biographysampo combines the technology used in natural language processing and artificial intelligence with semantic web technologies.

Biographysampo is in Finnish, but it is available in English through Google Translate.

Read more about the Biographysampo (In Finnish, but available in English through Google Translate).

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Published: July 24, 2020, 07:43 (UTC)
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