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Kalasatama Digital Twins Pilot Project’s CityGML files

Kalasatama Digital Twins Pilot Project’s Final Report

The general objective of the KIRA-digi pilot project (15.5.2018 - 31.1.2019) was to produce digital twins of the Kalasatama area. The models serve as a platform for designing, testing, applying and servicing the entire life cycle of the built environment, as well as smart city development. The progress of the project was divided into five intermediate objectives. The general objective of producing the models was the first. The sharing of 3D city models as open data was the second objective in the project. The third objective was focused on cooperation with the main partner, the Smart Kalasatama project. In the project, an online platform for activities in Kalasatama and interaction with the residents was built on the 3D model platform. The fourth objective of the project was to try out the latest ways to model, test and utilize 3D city models. This intermediate objective applies the basic idea of digital twins: “Design, test and build first digitally.” The fifth objective was to promote the exploitation of digital twins in city processes and service production. An accurate, up-to-date model of an existing city structure and the future plans will enable the development of processes, practices and services based on 3D technology.

Kalasatama Digital Twins - Final Report of the KIRA-digi Pilot Project (pdf)


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