Helsingin keskustan rakennusten sisäänkäynnit ja portit

All data points with full feature information as a single static GeoJSON file

From the dataset abstract

The dataset consists mainly of building entrances and gates in the center of Helsinki, photographed and geolocated. Most of the data was collected in batches in the summers of 2020 and 2021, but the data has also been updated with minor changes continuously since the beginning of 2020. The dataset includes information on the location and features of about 13,000 entrances and 2,000 gates, as well as photographs of them. In addition to the location, address and access information for the destinations has been collected (wheelchair access, public / private entrance, existence of a buzzer / keycode, vehicle height restrictions for gates, etc.).

The data has been collected using smartphones in the field. The geolocations of data points have been refined manually based on the detected phone location and visual inspection of the feature position within the building / streetscape. The information thus describes the situation in 2021-22 with an accuracy of approximately 2-3 meters. The data was collected for more accurate last meters navigation for logistics, in particular to support the Gatesolve last meters navigator.

The dataset is not completely comprehensive in any area, but in the Helsinki city center up to the level of Etu-Töölö and Kallio, most of the blocks have been mapped; there are individual mapped areas outside the downtown area.

The location and feature information of about half of the dataset has also been exported to OpenStreetMap. Through OpenStreetMap, the entrance information is also available e.g. through the HSL Reittiopas and the Digitransit geocoding service.

The dataset and the photos are published under the CC0 license; however, when accessing the data through OSM, the ODbL license applies.

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Source: Helsingin keskustan rakennusten sisäänkäynnit ja portit



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