Helsingin Seudun Liikenteen (HSL) Reittiopas API

Digitransit API

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The Journey Planner (reittiopas.fi) APIs offer data regarding routing, geocoding, map data and vehicle locations through several APIs.

The use of the Digitransit production APIs requires registration and use of API keys. More information and instructions for obtaining the API key.

Further information: digitransit.fi

The public transport network data is updated daily from HSL's public transport register to the journey planner APIs. The OpenStreetMap data is also updated daily to the journey planner for routing graph, geocoding and background map purposes. Due to different cache-settings, the changes in the background map become visible to the users in about one week's time.

Public transport network & timetables (GTFS)

Data from HSL's public transport register is derived into GTFS-format every day. This data collection includes all routes that have a valid timetable. The collection includes data three months onwards from the moment the collection was generated. These GTFS-files can be found here.

Traffic bulletins

Information about cancelled services is available the Journey Planner APIs mentioned above. For example, routing API's disruption-info & realtime API's service-alerts.

Source: Helsingin Seudun Liikenteen (HSL) Reittiopas API


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