Lasten ja nuorten hyvinvointi Helsingissä

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The welfare statistics database contains information on the well-being of children and young people in Helsinki.

The statistics contain information on, for example, family types, housing and livelihoods of children and young people; participation in education and experiences of schooling; health, exercise and substance use; relationships, sense of belonging and hobbies; and experiences of violence and sexual harassment.

Themes for welfare statistics

  • population and living conditions
  • education and school conditions
  • work and employment
  • health and lifestyle
  • social relationships and leisure
  • safety
  • area data

The area data section contains information on the regional variation of different phenomena within Helsinki by major district and district.

The indicators of the database have been selected in cooperation with the various divisions. The indicators are part of the knowledge management of the City of Helsinki.

The most detailed area level in the statistics is the district.

The data is available via the PX web database and interface. Available file formats include xlsx, csv, json, and json-stat.

Guides for using the PX-Web API have been prepared that you should consult before using the interface:

Source: Lasten ja nuorten hyvinvointi Helsingissä


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