Pysäköintivirheet Vantaalla

CSV file 2015-2021

From the dataset abstract

The data includes annual data on the number of parking fines by street name in Vantaa. From 2022 onwards, the data contains a breakdown of the amount of fines, due to which the statistics for 2015-2021 will be shown seperatly. Starting from 2018, the data contains place names that start with numbers, which are paid areas.

The dataset contains the following information:

  • Virheen tekovuosi = Year of the parking fine or admonition
  • Asiatyyppi = Fine of 60 or 80 euros (Since 2022)
  • Paikannimi = Address where the fine was issued
  • Yhteensä = Number of parking fines at the address during the year

Source: Pysäköintivirheet Vantaalla


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Data last updated 9 May 2016
Metadata last updated 12 October 2023
Created 9 May 2016
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