Digitraffic rail traffic

The sources for Finnish railway traffic open data are the railway capacity management systems used by Fintraffic Rail Ltd.

The open data API is RESTful and it includes several data types. The API supports specific query formats and responds with JSON-formatted results.

Data types

The API provides train schedule and composition data. The schedule information is divided into three categories:

  • realtime traffic information
  • future schedules
  • history data
  • train locations and speed information


Additional Info

Collection Open Data
Maintainer Liikenteenohjausyhtiö Fintraffic Oy
Maintainer email
  1. digitraffic@fintraffic.fi
Maintainer website https://www.fintraffic.fi/fi
Links to additional information
  1. https://www.digitraffic.fi/
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Created on 20.11.2014