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The points where flying squirrels could fly over the main roads of Espoo have been investigated with the help of a point cloud. The end result is a set of lines in raster format (TIF, bitmap). The plane coordinate system is ETRS-GK25FIN (epsg:3879) and the vertical coordinate reference system N2000. When calculating the lines, the height has been calculated for each laser point.

All trees over 2 m in height have been taken into account because they can be flown into. At the top and bottom of the trees, 0.5 m has been removed. The ratio of the tree level difference to the gliding distance is 1:3, so when the height difference in the trees is 10 m, the maximum flight distance is 30 m.

The analysis does not take into account all terrain barriers, such as noise barriers. Possible structures should be checked in the terrain. The scanning data is from 2013.

Source: Espoon liito-oravien lentorataradat


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Size 39643000
Coordinate system ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879)
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Data last updated 19 January 2016
Metadata last updated 19 June 2023
Created 19 January 2016
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