Nature data of Espoo

Data related to Espoo’s nature and environment can be accessed through the city’s WFS and WMS geographic data interfaces. The datasets include nature reserves, traditional landscapes, nature trails and valuable natural sites. In addition, a map of invasive species is available, depicting the invasive species in the plant world as well as the outdoor destinations in the Kotinurkilta kallioille guide.

The Environmental Protection Services of Espoo manages all of the above, except the map of invasive species and the Kotikalliot layers, which are produced and maintained by the Espoo Public Works Department.

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Datasets of the Environmental Protection Services


  • GIS:ArvokkaatVirtavedet (Valuable streams)
  • GIS:ArvokkaatLuontokohteet (Valuable nature areas)
  • GIS:Geologiset kohteet (Valuable geological areas)
  • GIS:Luonnonsuojelualueet (Nature protection areas)
  • GIS:LuonnonsuojelunToimenpideohjelma (Nature protection areas)
  • GIS:Perinneymparistot (Traditional environments)
  • GIS:Virtavesien_luonnontilaisuus (The state of streams)
  • GIS:Ekologinen verkosto Maakunnallisesti tärkeät yhteysalueet (Ecological network: important -connections in county level)
  • GIS:Ekologinen verkosto Maakunnalliset katkoskohdat (Ecological network: missing connections in county level)
  • GIS:Ekologinen verkosto Paikallisesti tarkeat yhteydet (Ecological network: locally important connections)
  • GIS:Ekologinen verkosto Kehitettavat yhteydet (Ecological network: connections to be developed)
  • GIS:Ekologinen verkosto Metsaverkosto (Ecological network: forests)
  • GIS:Lintutornit (Birdwatching towers)
  • GIS:Luontopolut (Nature trails)
  • GIS:Suojellut luontokohteet, erityisesti suojeltavat lajit (Protected areas, species that need special - protection)
  • GIS:Pohjavesialueet (Groundwater areas)
  • GIS:Luontoselvitysten aluerajaukset (Areas of environment reports)
  • GIS:Kaukasianjattiputket (Areas of giant hogweed)
  • GIS:Luonnonmuistomerkit (Natural monuments)
  • GIS:Norot (Trickle of water areas)
  • GIS:Uhanalaiset_luontotyypit (Areas of endangered environment)
  • GIS:PEMMA_alueet (Local ecologically significant marine underwater areas)


  • Ekologinen verkosto Arvorasteri (Ecological network: raster)

Datasets of the Public Works Department


  • GIS:Kotikalliot_alueet (Outdoor activity areas)
  • GIS:Kotikalliot_luontopolut (Outdoor activity trails)
  • GIS:Kotikalliot_pisteet (Outdoor activity points)
  • GIS:Vieraslajikartta (Map of alien species)

More information:

All datasets are updated when changes occur.

You can find out more about valuable nature sites on the city’s website. You can find information on watercourses on the city’s website and in the mapping of watercourses in Espoo for 2020–2021 (in Finnish).

More information about the Kotikalliot dataset: most of the sites in the layers are described in the book Kotinurkilta kallioille. The layer Kotikalliot_alueet includes polygon-shaped outdoor guidance areas, Kottikalliot_luontopolut includes nature paths related to outdoor guidance, and Kottikalliot_pisteet includes point-shaped features related to outdoor guidance.

Please note that only some of the datasets in Espoo’s geographic data interfaces are open to everyone. The use of some layers requires logging in, and these layers are not open data.


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