Training data for City of Helsinki chatbots

City of Helsinki chatbot training data. Data currently includes maternity and child care services’ chatbot NeRo, International House Helsinki chatbot Into, rental apartment search chatbot and outdoor bot Urho training data.

The service responds based on the trained rule-based discussion paths and the question-answer pairs determined by city experts. Knowledge bases consist of several different areas, from which open data is published on the topics of questions (intents), variable/synonymous libraries (entities) and answers (answers) related to the discussion.

The published data consists only of the above mentioned knowledge base areas, no customer discussions will be included for privacy reasons.


Maternity and child care services’ chatbot NeRo answered questions about the growth or development of a child and problems related to pregnancy at the Helsinki maternity clinics. In addition to this, customers were able to also ask about topics related to dental care, speech development and nutrition. Today NeRo operates as part of Hester, a chatbot for social services, health care and rescue services division, and continues to serve the maternity and child health services’ customers in an even more versatile manner.


International House Helsinki chatbot Into is a 24-hour customer service channel that provides a wide range of information on the official services offered by IHH and advice to support the settling of people who have moved to the Helsinki metropolitan area from abroad. With the help of the service, customers have faster access to International House Helsinki’s wide range of services for the city and the authorities. The service is provided in English and it is intended for all people who have recently moved to the capital region and for international people who are considering moving to the capital region.

The rental apartment search

The rental apartment search chatbot is a 24-hour customer service channel of the City of Helsinki housing services aimed at improving the accessibility of customer service and the customer experience as well as increasing the interactivity of the self-service. The service provides relevant information to each customer’s specific questions faster than by searching for the information on the website.


The outdoor bot Urho is a chatbot that provides assistance on outdoor and physical activity topics, serving citizens around the clock and, if necessary, directing the conversation to the Helsinki Info service advisors. The service improves the accessibility of customer service, the customer experience and the interactivity of self-service, as well as speeding up the process of finding relevant information for each customer compared to searching for information on a website.

At this stage, the chatbot is being used on various city outdoor and sports websites. The bot can be used to ask questions about outdoor and sports facilities and services, for example. The service works on a rule-based basis, based on question-answer pairs and discussion dialogues defined by advice and subject-matter experts. The service increases efficiency by allowing the automation of frequently asked questions.



XLSX file.

  • key = an identifying name (ID) unique to that response in the system. This is referred to in dialog definitions when assigning a response to a specific intent in a given situation
  • value = the actual response text given to the client in the user interface. Occasionally includes so-called tags that provide clickable hyperlinks, selection buttons, livechat migration, or other functional elements. Texts separated by vertical line | are different variations of the same answer, so that there is a slight variation in the conversation.


XLSX file format: the first column contains example question, the second column ID for intent. That is, first the question method in which a particular thing can be expected to be asked, and then the Intent ID by which the system connects the question to the intent and performs a defined action for it.


XLSX file format: the first column contains entity ID, the following columns alternative forms for entity.

In the first column, the thing to which you want to be given a synonym or other thing that needs to be associated with that entity. Occasionally, bending forms are also added if the AI does not recognize them reliably enough without. In the following columns, synonyms/other words associated with the same thing. Note! The system from which exports are taken splits the same entity in exports over several lines for unknown reason.


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