Trainings for the employees of the city of Helsinki

The City of Helsinki offers its employees versatile training. Stadin Akatemia (City of Helsinki municipal enterprise) organises approximately one third of the city’s total education offering, and the dataset includes only training organised by Stadin Akatemia. This dataset lists the training courses organised by Stadin Akatemia (former Oiva Akatemia) since 2014.

Data included in the dataset (not all data is available for every year):

  • training event ID
  • training event name (in Finnish)
  • starting and ending dates of the training
  • course group (in Finnish)
  • average feedback (on a scale from 1 to 5)
  • number of teaching days indicating the length of the training
  • total number of training days (teaching days * number of participants)
  • total number of participants in the training

A single employee may have participated in several training sessions. The high number of training participants in 2018 is explained by the basic training in data protection, which started as a new training course and which is completed by all of the city’s employees.


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