Income and expenditure of the City of Helsinki

Income and expenditure of the City of Helsinki since 2009 according to the financial statements.

The content of the datasets in CSV and Excel format is almost the same. The annually updated Excel files contain one-year totals by organisation and account, while the monthly CSV files that automatically update every month contain the same information about one month’s data per voucher.

Some departments are missing from the 2009–2011 data: e.g. the Public Works Department, Stara and the municipal enterprises. From 2012 onwards, all the city’s departments and municipal enterprises are included in the data.

The titles of financial statement data have changed in some respects since 2012. The columns for the 2009–2011 financial statement dataset correspond to the columns for the financial statements for 2012 onwards as follows:

  • Virasto + Virasto nimi = Yritys + nimi / Department + Department name = Company + name
  • Pääluokka = Pääluokka nro / Main title = Main title number
  • Pääluokka nimi = Pääluokka nimi / Name of the main title = Name of the main title
  • Luku = Luku nro / Count = Count number
  • Luku nimi = Luku nimi / Count name = Count name
  • Kohta = Kohta nro / Item = Item number
  • Kohta nimi = Kohta nimi / Item name = Item name
  • Kustannuspaikka = Tulosyksikkö nro / Cost center = Unit number
  • Kustannuspaikka nimi = Tulosyksikkö nimi / Cost center name = Unit name
  • Toteuma = Toteuma Yht (ULS, Ulkoinen Laskenta Saldot) / Realization = Realization in total
  • Tiliryhmä 3 nimi = Talousarvion tiliryhmä / Account group 3 name = Budget account group
  • Tilin nimi = Pääkirjatili nimi / Account name = Name of the general ledger account
  • Tili = Pääkirjatili nro / Account = Number of the general ledger account
  • Vuosi = Vuosi / Year = Year

NOTE: On 1st of June 2017, the City of Helsinki underwent an organisational reform, after which part of the expenditure is no longer allocated to the budget sub-categories, so in the case of the divisions, some of the columns are empty.


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