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From the dataset abstract

The Quarters of Helsinki dataset has been formed from the plan units maintained by the City Survey Services, the status of which is “Valid”, as well as the attributes of the municipal register. Quarters are formed by combining geometries that share the same quarter identifier. The plan unit is the smallest unit dedicated for a particular purpose in the detailed plan.

In the dataset, the purpose of use has been reclassified for reasons of data protection.

The data is available for download in several formats, including JSON, KML, GIF, Tiff, GeoTiff, JPEG, PNG CSV, Esri Shape. Available formats can always be found under OutputFormat in the GetCapabilities query for the service.

Coordinate systems:

  • Maintained in ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879), can be projected to other coordinate systems. See GetCapabilities query for other possible coordinate systems.

API addresses:


  • Helsingin_korttelit

Administrator: City of Helsinki, Urban Environment division, Services and Permits, Urban Measurement Services

Attributes of the Helsingin_korttelit layer

  • id (int): Dataset ID. Reliable, comprehensively existing information.
  • korttelitunnus (string): Quarter ID. Reliable, comprehensively existing information.
  • kunta (string): Municipality. Reliable, comprehensively existing information.
  • sijaintialue (string): Location area. Reliable, comprehensively existing information.
  • ryhma (string): Group. Reliable, comprehensively existing information.
  • pintaala_kvyks (decimal): Total registered area of the quarter. This may differ from the calculated area of the geographic data feature. Reliable, - comprehensively valid information.
  • kaavayks_lkm (int): Number of plan units forming the quarter. Reliable, comprehensively valid information.
  • rakennusoikeus (decimal): Total building rights for the quarter.
  • kayttotarkoitusluokat (string): Purposes of use of the quarter, listed according to the generalised classification. The classification is based on the - same classification as HSY’s SeutuRamava. The purposes of use are not the purposes of use presented in the plan, but generalised data based on them. nimi_suomi (string): Name of the quarter in Finnish. nimi_ruotsi (string): Name of the quarter in Swedish. datanomistaja (string): Data owner. paivitetty_tietopalveluun (date): Information service record date (yyyy-mm-dd). geom (gml:GeometryPropertyType): Geometry of the feature.

Source: Helsingin korttelit



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Extra information

Format WFS
Coordinate system ETRS-GK25
Temporal Coverage -
Data last updated 28 January 2020
Metadata last updated 13 September 2022
Created 28 January 2020
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