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Form of care for children under school age in Helsinki by age and district of residence on 31 December 2011–31 December 2015 and population aged 0–6 at the turn of 2011/2012, 2012/2013 and 2014/2015. The total figure for all forms of care also includes people over the age of 6.

Daycare centre care organised by the municipality includes the city’s daycare centres and daycare centres with purchase agreements. Daycare centre care and family daycare include part-time and full-time care.

The home care allowance is intended for a family with a child under the age of three not attending municipal daycare. Private day care allowance is intended for a family whose child under school age is taken care of by a caregiver hired by the family or by a private daycare provider. More detailed definitions of child care allowances can be found on the Kela website.

Child daycare was transferred from the Social Services Department to the Department of Early Education and Care at the turn of 2012/2013.

NOTE: The dataset is no longer maintained. The corresponding data can be found in the dataset Comparison of early childhood education services between the six largest cities.

Source: Helsingin päivähoitotilastot


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