Helsingin tuulivoimakysely 2015

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The dataset includes data collected with an open map-based survey on the acceptability of wind power in Helsinki. The survey was carried out from 15 June to 31 August 2021, and almost 2,500 people responded. The survey included multiple-choice questions related to the acceptability of wind power, map positioning questions – on both suitable and unsuitable locations for wind power – and the possibility of an open response.

Inappropriate language, identifiable personal data and IDs linking responses to other responses have been removed from the open responses for reasons of data protection.

The report on the social acceptability of wind power is available here (in Finnish): http://www.hel.fi/hel2/ksv/Aineistot/uutiset/2015/tuulivoiman-sosiaalinen-hyvaksyttavyys-helsingissa-141015.pdf

Source: Helsingin tuulivoimakysely 2015


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