Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) customer satisfaction survey

Asty Web is Helsinki Region Transport's internet database, which provides research information on passenger satisfaction in public transportation.

It is possible to make custom tables, reports and graphs from your own data selection. The data can be broken down by municipality, mode of transport or by the respondent's gender.

The Asty Web database contains Helsinki Region Transport's year-round survey material. Every year over 50 000 passengers participate in the survey, evaluating the quality of public transport on a scale of one to five (1 = very bad, 5 = very good).

The research is conducted on public transport on weekdays between 6:00 and 18:00. Questionnaires are distributed to randomly selected passengers. Asty Web provides survey results starting from 2011.

The customer satisfaction data is available via REST-API. The data is returned in CSV-format and it is accessible with the HTTP GET-method.


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