Liikenneonnettomuudet Helsingissä

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The locations, severity levels and types of accidents that have occurred in Helsinki since 2000.

The City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division/Traffic and Street Planning maintains a traffic accident register primarily for traffic planning purposes. The accident register is based on information from the police. The data is complete only for fatalities. There are shortcomings in the dataset, for example, in terms of accidents, minor personal injuries and, in particular, pedestrian, bicycle and moped accidents.


  • vakav_a = severity, (1 = property damage, 2 = injury, 3 = fatality)
  • POHJ_ETRS = North coordinate in the ETRS-GK25 system
  • ITA_ETRS = East coordinate in ETRS-GK25 system
  • vv = year
  • laji = type of accident according to the weakest party, (jk = pedestrian accident, pp = bicycle accident, mp = moped/motorcycle accident, ma = motor vehicle accident)

Coordinate system for the dataset is ETRS-GK25 (EPSG 3879).

Source: Liikenneonnettomuudet Helsingissä


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