Women and men in Helsinki

Women and Men in Helsinki is a publication which provides statistical data on women and men as well as their living conditions in Helsinki via tables and graphs. Some tables include comparisons with municipalities from the Helsinki region, the largest cities and the entire country.


  1. Population
  2. Housing
  3. Health care and physical condition
  4. Social welfare
  5. Education
  6. Labour force and employment
  7. Income and salaries
  8. Justice
  9. Elections

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  1. http://www.hel.fi/hel2/tietokeskus/tasa_arvo/index.html
  2. https://www.hel.fi/hel2/tietokeskus/tasa_arvo_2016/artikkeli.html
  3. https://www.hel.fi/hel2/tietokeskus/julkaisut/pdf/18_02_08_Tilastoja_4_AhlgrenLeinvuo.pdf
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