Addresses, postal codes and WGS84-coordinates of Finnish buildings

This data package has been collected from the Finnish Population Information System. The data contains location information of each building: the building’s region, municipality, street name, house number, postal code and coordinates in WGS84 format. In addition, the data contains Finnish building identifiers and information of the intended building use: (1) Residential building/ business premises or (2) Production building/other building.

The data has been collected on 15.11.2021 and contains data of buildings that are complete and under construction. In total, there are 3 695 727 buildings. The dataset is updated four times a year.

The data contains the buildings that fulfill the following conditions: a) the building has coordinates and b) the building has at least one postal code.

The dataset is downloadable either for the whole country as a 7-zip-package. In addition, the dataset includes (i) a detailed description of the data schema (json_table_schema.json), (ii) information of the publisher, licenses and sources (datapackage.json) and (iii) information of the csv dialect (csv_dialect.json).

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