Vantaa, Kerava and Järvenpää cities’ climate survey for businesses

The data consists of the 2021 business survey implemented by the cities of Vantaa, Kerava, and Järvenpää. The data consists of the answers submitted by 91 businesses or other organizations.

The data was collected on a Webropol survey form on November 1st to 21st, 2021, as part of the Vantaa, Kerava and Järvenpää cities’ joint Elinkeinoelämän ja kunnan välinen ilmastoyhteistyö (“Cooperation on climate work between businesses and municipalities”) project. See questionnaire (in Finnish).

The purpose of the survey was to investigate businesses’ views on climate cooperation between the municipality and businesses. The survey especially charted the businesses’ wishes and expectations as regards the municipality. The aim was to collect data to further develop Vantaa, Kerava and Järvenpää cities’ climate cooperation.

The responses on the base of which the respondents could be identified have been removed from the material. Also exempted from the material are open answers about the organizations, the fields of the businesses, the locations of the businesses, local cooperation, as well as the last question about leaving the respondents’ contact information.

The summary of the results of the survey can be viewed on the City of Vantaa’s website: link to the summary (in Finnish).


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