Buildings in Espoo

This dataset provides information on buildings as polygons in Espoo.

Weekly updating, position-accurate buildings are available in the WMS and WFS interfaces. In the data available in the WMS interface, the area corresponding to the main use of the building is filled with grey colour. In addition, the protruding parts of the building are visible. The recommended scale is from 1:1,000 to 1:10,000.

Coordinate systems:

  • Maintained in ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879)

API address:



  • GIS:Rakennukset


  • Rakennukset

GIS:Rakennukset: attributes, data types and translation:

  • POLTTOAINE (string): fuel
  • LAMMITYSTAPA (string): heating method
  • KANTAVARAKENNE (string): supporting structure
  • KERROSLUKU (int): number of stories
  • ASUNNOT (int): number of apartments
  • TILAVUUS (double): volume
  • KELLARINPINTAALA (double): basement area
  • KAYTETTYRAKENNUSOIKEUS (double): used building right
  • KERROSALA (double): floor area
  • KOKONAISALA (double): total area
  • VALMISTUNUT (string): date of completion
  • VALMISTUNUTYYYYMMDD (string): date of completion
  • VALMISTUNUTXML (string): date of completion in XML format
  • KAYTOSSAOLOTILANNE (string): use situation
  • KAYTTOTARKOITUS (string): purpose of use
  • KAYTTOTARKOITUS_KOODI (string): id for the purpose of use
  • POSTITOIMIPAIKANNIMI (string): post office name
  • POSTINUMERO (string): postal code
  • OSOITENUMERO (int): address number
  • OSOITENUMERO2 (string): address number with wing added to it
  • OSOITE (string): address
  • ALUE (string): area
  • RAKENNUSNUMERO (string): building number
  • SIJAINTIKIINTEISTO (string): location property
  • RAKENNUSTUNNUS (string): building code
  • PYSYVARAKENNUSTUNNUS (string): permanent building identifier


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