Telephone numbers for City of Helsinki departments

The service provides an Internet interface for browsing and searching for telephone numbers of the City of Helsinki’s departments and municipal enterprises. The service is based on information extracted from the city’s telephone exchange system. The service can be accessed not only via the usual web or HTML interface, but also via the XML interface. Both interfaces are public and accessible to everyone.

The wesbite allows you to browse and search for numbers in the entire list. The number data of an organisational unit or person can be linked directly from other pages. A search form using the service, which narrows the search to the desired organisational unit, is easy to add to any web page.

Phone numbers can be downloaded directly from the service to the address book of a computer or smartphone as a vCard business card, if the device supports vCard format. Links to these vCard business cards can also be made from outside.

Through the XML interface, it is possible to use all the same functions as through the HTML interface. The queries are done in the same way with the HTTP GET protocol, and the answers are in the XML format in accordance with the service’s own DTD definition.


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