Parking payment zones

The Parking payment zones dataset includes the parking payment zones of the inner city of Helsinki as area-type features (polygons). If necessary, the dataset is updated as the location or information of the zones changes.

Parking is subject to a fee in the inner city of Helsinki on almost all streets on working days and on the streets of the central business district on Saturdays as well. Some of the parking spaces in the city centre are also subject to a fee on Sundays and holidays. Parking is only allowed in designated parking spaces, and the traffic sign should always be checked for the times parking is subject to a fee.

The data is available for download in several formats, including JSON, KML, GIF, Tiff, GeoTiff, JPEG, PNG, CSV, Esri Shape. Available formats can always be found under OutputFormat in the GetCapabilities query for the service:

Previewing the data in the service:

Coordinate systems:

  • Maintained in ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879), can be projected to other coordinate systems. See GetCapabilities query for other possible coordinate systems.



  • Pysakoinnin_maksuvyohykkeet_alue

Pysakoinnin_maksuvyohykkeet_alue: attributes, data types and their key:

  • id (int). Unique identifier of the feature.
  • linkki (string). Address link to the city’s website: more information about parking in Helsinki. -nimi (string). Name of the payment zone. -lisatiedot (string). Any additional information to be taken into account regarding the parking payment zone.
  • vyohykkeen_nro (int). Number of the payment zone.
  • datanomistaja (string). Data owner.
  • paivitetty_tietopalveluun (date). Information service record date (yyyy-mm-dd).
  • geom (GeometryPropertyType). Geometry of the feature.


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