Heat loss from buildings in Helsinki

The material describes the heat loss from the roofs of Helsinki. Thermal radiation detected on the roofs of buildings is presented in 30 cm pixels.

The roofs of Helsinki were photographed using a thermographic camera in March 2015. Thermal radiation depends on the shape and structure of the roof as well as the temperature of the room below, so it is not a direct indication of the quality of the roof insulation. The material includes an interpretation key that can be used to determine what the colour of your roof means in terms of insulation quality, based on the properties of your roof.

The data was completed in the Decumanus project and was produced by Eurosense, a Belgian geographic information services company participating in the project.

API address: https://kartta.hsy.fi/geoserver/wms, layer: ilmasto_ja_energia:thermo_full_mosaic_helsinki

Preview and download the data in the HSY’s open map service.


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