HSY’s stormwater sewerage area

The data contains information on the extent of HSY’s stormwater sewerage area at property level.

The stormwater sewerage area is based on Section 17 a of the Water Services Act. A property located in the stormwater sewerage area must be connected to HSY’s stormwater sewer network and HSY must provide stormwater sewerage services to the property. The material also includes areas that have a combined sewer system (combined sewerage area) as well as areas to which stormwater sewerage will be extended. The data is from 2018–2019.

The data can also be viewed in HSY’s open data map service.


Additional Info

Collection Open Data
Maintainer Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut (HSY)
Maintainer email
  1. avoindata@hsy.fi
Maintainer website https://www.hsy.fi/avoindata
Links to additional information
  1. https://www.hsy.fi/vesi-ja-viemarit/huleveden-viemarointialue/
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