Plant protection products

Information about plant protection products approved in Finland. The information has been produced in the KemiDigi system. The same information is available at This dataset also includes information about the approved uses of each plant protection product: crops, reasons for protection, and places of use. Information about usage is not directly available at Always check detailed instructions for use in the text on the sales package.

The information is intended for cultivation planning applications and other applications that require up-to-date information about plant protection products in structured format. The information is based on chemical codes that have been published as a separate dataset. The information will be updated every night at 1 am.

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) will not be responsible for any losses, legal proceedings, claims, legal actions, demands, costs or damage, regardless of their type or cause, that result directly or indirectly from open data published by Tukes or the use of open data published by Tukes.


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