Unemployment benefits provided by Kela: Number of recipients at end of month

This dataset is associated with the dynamic report titled 'Unemployment benefits provided by Kela: Analysis by basis of eligibility', which is part of the Kelasto statistical database. It includes recipient totals for Kela unemployment benefits at the end of the month and over a period of one year. The dataset contains annual totals starting from 2003 and monthly totals from January 2018.

End-of-month recipient totals include persons who have been paid a non-zero amount of unemployment benefit in each of the following three calendar months, which is dated to the last working day of the month. For example, this includes persons whose unemployment benefit is dated to the last day of December and paid out by the end of March of the following year.

The report covers all of the benefits provided by Kela in respect of unemployment. The benefits are divided into main categories according to the basis of eligibility, i.e., into benefits paid during unemployment and benefits paid during participation in employment-promotion services. The employment-promotion services are also classified according to the type of service. Benefits are divided into main categories according to the type of compensation, i.e. full or reduced benefit. Additionally, reduced benefits are classified according to the reason for the reduction.

Payments of reduced benefit may be included under several subcategories of reduced benefit, as there may be several reasons for a reduction in benefit. For this reason, the subtotals for recipients of reduced benefits cannot be added up.


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