Stara's urban environment departments maintenance fleet movements and actions in eastern Helsinki 2021/01

A data dump from Stara's (Helsinki City Construction Services) urban environment departments production control system for asset management and vehicles / machinery regarding January 2021. The data is normally available to API key holders over a REST API; however, data from a selected demo period (10.-31.1 2021) is made available publicly as a preview in preparation for opening the real time data to the public (planned by 2025).

The data dump is available both in the original API format and as preprocessed GeoJSON.

The data contains device names, timestamps, map coordinates (coordinate system WGS84 (EPSG:4326)) and active io channels. The channels communicate what the device is currently doing. The following channels are of interest to understand the maintenance activities:

  • Auraus: ploughing snow
  • Liukkaudentorjunta: anti-slip treatment, e.g. salting
  • Harjaus: sweeping snow
  • Hiekoitus: applying gravel
  • Käynti: the device is active, e.g. moving to the work area

The data dump also contains a csv file detailing where each device (by deviceName) primarily works (e.g. roadways / sidewalks). That data may be used to map the vehicle telemetry to the correct corresponding lane from e.g. OpenStreetMap or register of public areas in Helsinki (YLRE).

The real-time telemetry data is planned to be eventually published through the existing public Snowplow API. Currently, that API serves similar data collected from a small subset of the maintenance fleet primarily using mobile device telemetry.

API specification:

Similar data provided over the Stara Snowplow API was used to implement service.


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