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The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare promotes wide-ranging use of information resources in the field of social and health care. As part of this objective, THL provides open access to data produced and collated at the institute.

Available as open data, by topic:

• Specialised health care • Primary health care • Health checks • Students’ health care • Parturients, deliveries and newborns • Assisted fertility treatments • Induced abortions • Sterilisations • Child welfare • Social assistance • Infectious diseases • Home care • Vaccinations • Hip and knee arthroplasty • Statistical information on welfare and health (Sotkanet) • Municipal health promotion capacity building (TEAviisari) • Private and public providers of social and health care • Social and health care providers’ locations • Code systems used in social and health care • Food composition database Fineli • Miscellaneous open data

All data with related metadata and links to API's are available at

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Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos ei ole vastuussa menetyksistä, oikeudenkäynneistä, vaateista, kanteista, vaatimuksista, tai kustannuksista taikka vahingosta, olivat ne mitä tahansa tai aiheutuivat ne sitten miten tahansa, jotka johtuvat joko suoraan tai välillisesti yhteydestä Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitoksen julkaisemaan avoimeen dataan tai Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitoksen julkaiseman avoimen datan käytöstä.

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Applications (3)

  • miils-reseptin-suunnittelu-ja-jakopalvelu-joka-huomioi-monipuolisesti-kayttajan-preferenssit


    ["android", "ios"]

    Miils is an app for recipe planning and sharing, that takes into account users' different preferences. Miils is a nutrition-based SaaS product that works at the point of purchase and nudges people individually to eat healthier and in a more sustainable way. Our mission is to increase the...
  • laakarihinta-fi



    Lääkä was released in 2015 with a goal to make health services more price transparent. With lääkä you can compare the price of doctors, dentists, MRI scans and vets easily. Select a service or a symptom and a city and then the application shows you the different...
  • koronalasso



    With the KoronaLasso (CoronaLasso) application you can test the lasso regression method's ability to predict new coronavirus infections for each day. The data for the application is from the Finnish institute for health and welfare. The predictions are made for each hospital district based on the...
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