City of Vantaa’s service accessibility survey

The surveys have collected information from residents on how the city’s services are perceived to be accessible in different parts of the city and how the accessibility of services could be improved, for example, by developing different ways of using the services. Accessibility means both easy access to and discoverability of electronic services and easy access to physical services (for example, daycare, school, playground or sports services).

The online accessibility survey has been conducted twice, in 2022 and 2018. There were slightly different questions in the surveys for different years. However, the subjects of both questionnaires included services provided by the city: education and learning services, urban culture services (sports services, cultural services, library and resident services, youth services), services of the Social Services and Health Care Division, urban environment services, ways of using the services and background information.


The dataset was compiled with an online survey, which was available for responding from 14 January to 18 February 2022. The results of the survey are utilised in the development of a city-level service network plan for 2022–2031.

The answers are provided in two Excel files. The file Survey results 2022 contains the answers to the questions and the respondents’ background information. For reasons of data protection, the file contains only the answers of persons living in Vantaa (there were few answers from residents of other cities). In addition, gender and children’s ages have been completely removed from the background variables. The age group of under 25 years has been combined with the next category. Among the family forms, living with the parents has been combined with the category “Other”.

The file Survey results 2022 open-ended questions contains the answers to the open questions. The responses have been sorted into tabs by major district and service to facilitate viewing. Open responses cannot be combined with the answers to the questions in another file or with background variables. For data protection reasons, the person’s profession and name have been deleted from one of the answers, and this item has been marked in the data. The answers have not been edited in any other way.

Link to the year 2022 questionnaire (in Finnish)


The dataset was compiled through an online survey in April 2018. The results of the survey will be utilised in the update work of the city-level service network plan in 2018 and in the development of electronic services in the future.

The answers are provided in one Excel file. Key to the variables can be found on the second tab of the Excel file. For reasons of data protection, the background information of the respondents has been removed from the data and the categories of background information have been combined with each other. In addition, some of the open responses have been edited due to inappropriate language.

Link to the year 2018 questionnare (in Finnish)


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