Centreline network of traffic routes in Vantaa

Centrelines of the Vantaa roadways and driving lanes as a hybrid model. The dataset covers the entire Vantaa to the airport gates, as well as a few routes going through neighbouring municipalities. Driving lanes cover at least all addressed roads and streets. The target accuracy of the data is 5–25 cm. Vectorising has been carried out mainly using the city’s own orthophotographs, which have a ground sample distance of 5–10 cm.

The dataset is available through both WFS and WMS interface. The Shapefile dataset includes driving lanes and centrelines as separate geographic datasets (.shp). The centreline data includes the centrelines of roadways and pedestrian and bicycle lanes.


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Collection Open Data
Maintainer Vantaan kaupunkiympäristön toimiala
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  1. paikkatietotuki@vantaa.fi
Maintainer website https://gis.vantaa.fi/rajapinnat/
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  1. https://gis.vantaa.fi/rajapinnat/
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