Population projection of Vantaa by age and gender

The population of Vantaa by gender and age (0–99 years) on 31st December and the population projection for the coming years.

The statistical date was 1 January until 2022.

The population projection applies to residents living permanently in the municipality. The projection is based on the demographic structure at the beginning of the projection period in terms of age and gender, as well as assumptions about the future development of fertility, mortality and migration. More detailed information on the projection method and the assumptions made can be found in the publication Vantaan väestöennuste 2022 (in Finnish).


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Maintainer Vantaan kaupunkistrategian ja johdon toimiala / Talous ja strategia
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  1. tilasto@vantaa.fi
Maintainer website http://www.vantaa.fi/tilastot
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  1. https://www.vantaa.fi/sites/default/files/document/Vantaan_v%C3%A4est%C3%B6ennuste_2022.pdf
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